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Northmore Gordon is a specialist energy consultancy
focused on reducing energy costs for industrial and
large commercial businesses

We find that large business experience three common problems

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Corporate energy targets are not being met, or don't exist

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Poor and unreliable data or businesses have data but are not using it

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Lack of resources or expertise required to achieve energy reductions

Our expert services help you achieve a new
level of energy efficiency and greenhouse
gas performance.

We work with you in a collaborative team-based
approach on a project-by-project basis or as a
complete outsourced solution.

Industry solutions

A Partnership with Wattly

Wattly is one of Australia’s leading
Aggregators of Environmental
and Energy Certificates
and preferred partner

Preferred service provider for PHP

Pacific Heat and Power is a developer
of clean energy assets using bioenergy
and waste

How can we help?

  • Energy consultants with real industrial experience
  • An overall energy strategy
  • Energy KPIs for my staff or production areas
  • Energy forecasts based on production
  • Sankey diagrams for my whole plant
  • Business cases that I can invest in
  • Better sub-metering and data management
  • Independence from brokers and resellers
  • Project delivery expertise
  • Assessing solar and bioenergy opportunities
  • Alternatives to natural gas
  • My gas and electricity costs are too high
  • What is ISO50001 and should I do it?
  • How can I best access environmental certificates and government funding
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