Energy Management Systems

The NSW government is supporting high energy using businesses spending over $500,000 per year to establish Energy Management Systems.​

The funding delivers free Energy Management System (EnMS) benchmarking followed by funded Technical Support to help deliver and track projects. The program has two main objectives (1) improving overall energy management within business and (2) delivering improved energy performance via energy efficiency improvements.

What’s on offer

The NSW government is focusing on manufacturing businesses for the EnMS Benchmarking & Support program this financial year. 

  • DPIE funding is capped at $35,000
  • Businesses pay the energy advisor a 20% contribution ($7,000)
  • A benchmark assessment is required at beginning and end of project
  • DPIE will use an evaluation criteria to assess project applications


With this support you can

  • develop a big picture policy
  • do a site-wide audit
  • train staff on how to save energy
  • come up with procurement plans to buy better equipment and much, much more.

You must

  • be in manufacturing, mining or agriculture in NSW
  • have an ABN and be registered for GST


For those in manufacturing, the following sub sectors are eligible:

  • primary metal and metal product manufacturing
  • basic chemical, chemical polymer and rubber product manufacturing
  • non-metallic mineral products manufacturing
  • food, beverages and tobacco product manufacturing.


For manufacturing sub sectors other than the above, you can still be eligible if you:

  • have greater than 1% of revenue spent on energy annually
  • have annual energy usage that exceeds 3000MWh.


This offer is only available to 120 businesses. 

Support for high energy users in NSW

The process below is designed to help you succeed over the long term, and not just be a ‘flash in the pan’ look at energy productivity.

EnMS benchmarking

  • Application form
  • 2 hour strategic benchmarking
  • Performance rating

Energy policy & management plan

  • Energy Policy
  • Energy management Plan

Opportunity assessment

  • Technical review of site opportunities
  • Workshop with key personnel
  • Cost and benefits
  • Report

Tracking system

  • Opp tracking tool
  • Action plan
  • EnPIs
  • Targets
  • Meter gap analysis

Follow up

  • Maximise further grants
  • Monthly reporting
  • Training
  • Annual reviews