Carbon and Energy Consultants

Northmore Gordon helps large business
in the industrial sector and built environment
decarbonise and reduce energy costs

We find that large business experience three common problems

Corporate carbon and energy targets are not being met, or don’t exist

Poor and unreliable data or businesses have data but are not using it

Lack of resources or expertise required to achieve decarbonisation and energy reductions

Our expert services help you achieve a new level of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas performance.

We work with you in a collaborative approach on a
project-by-project basis or as a complete
outsourced solution.


A Partnership with Wattly

Wattly is one of Australia’s leading
Aggregators of Environmental
and Carbon and Energy Certificates
and preferred partner

Preferred service provider for PHP

Pacific Heat and Power is a developer
of clean energy assets using bioenergy
and waste

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