About Us

Northmore Gordon is a boutique energy consultancy with
offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Singapore

We help large companies in the industrial sector and built environment reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. We work with your team either in a cooperative team-based approach, or as a complete outsourced solution.

Craig Morgan, co-founder Northmore Gordon’s parent company, Wattly, grew up in the ’80s when several world-changing environmental disasters occurred. 

In 1984 an industrial accident in India at Bhopal released 4,000 kg of chemical into the atmosphere, directly killing 4,000 people and indirectly killing or injuring up to 20,000. In the few years afterwards, Chernobyl nuclear power station explosion occurred, followed by the Exxon Valdez oil spill, contaminating vast areas of Arctic ocean.

These are some of the world’s worst industrial incidents and they had a profound effect. 

In 1998 Craig began working in industrial energy efficiency wanting to help large industrial companies meet their corporate and social responsibilities. Northmore Gordon was formed in 2009 to join the global effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Northmore Gordon is now a team of over 20 passionate individuals across two countries

We envisage a time when industrial facilities are quiet and cool, consuming the smallest possible amount of low-carbon energy to create products with minimal waste, and all buildings are net generators of energy.

The change required to achieve this outcome is enormous, and we expect the vision to be decades in the realisation.

Our vision is inspired by the research of thousands of scientists from dozens of disciplines. In our view, the evidence of anthropogenic global warming is irrefutable and the consequences – both economic and environmental – too great to ignore.

Work with Northmore Gordon and we will work harder than anyone else to understand your energy needs, and help you achieve a new level of energy productivity and greenhouse gas performance.

Northmore Gordon is a specialist energy consultancy focused on reducing energy costs for industrial and large large sites in the built environment.

The experience of our people stretches back to the early 1990s, when leaders of the world gathered at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio to identify sustainable development goals. Since that time, we have witnessed the successes and challenges of subsequent UNFCCC conferences, and the slow – and sometimes retrograde – progress of national policies.

Large business often experience three common problems:

Corporate energy and carbon targets are not being met, or don’t exist

Data is poor, un-trustworthy, or not being used

Resources are not available to address the challenge

Our 5-step process


your energy use, carbon emissions and expenditure




the projects


and verify results

Create Systems

and processes to lock in the savings

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