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Northmore Gordon is the leader in providing energy
and carbon advisory services and environmental certificates.

We envisage a time when commercial and industrial facilities are quiet and cool, consuming the smallest possible amount of low-carbon energy to create products with minimal waste, and all buildings are net generators of energy.

We believe that significant change in combating climate change will be driven by the deployment of investment into energy efficiency, renewable generation, and green-house gas emission reductions. The change required to achieve this outcome is monumental, and will be decades in the realisation, but is finally accelerating. Our vision is inspired by the research of thousands of scientists from dozens of disciplines. 

In our view, the evidence of anthropogenic global warming is irrefutable and the consequences – both economic and environmental – are too great to ignore.  Action to address climate change through commercial endeavours and market-based mechanisms is at the core of what we stand for.

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Northmore Gordon is the leader in providing energy and carbon advisory services and environmental certificates. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, the Philippines and Singapore; We offer solutions across the Australian and Southeast Asia.

Our Story

NG was formed in 2009 to join the global effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases through consultant services to many large industrial clients. NG provided technical services including energy audits, access to government grants, and carbon accounting. In 2012 the directors of NG with two others founded Wattly as a separate business to use Cloud and Mobile solutions to help drive energy efficiency, renewable energy adoption, and carbon abatement and support the transition to a low carbon economy. Wattly focussed on the energy savings certificate industry and grew to be the largest certificate creator under the VEU for a number of years with substantial success arising from LED lighting upgrades. 

In 2017 Wattly acquired NG to help further grow both businesses. For the past 3-4 years the businesses have been co-located and worked together whilst retaining separate customer segments and brands. In June 2021 Wattly, now one of the largest Environmental Certificate aggregators, and Northmore Gordon, a leading energy and carbon consultancy, combined forces under the Northmore Gordon name. The consolidated business is focussed on providing B2B Advisory Services and Environmental Certificates to help large business decarbonise and improve energy performance. ​

Together Northmore Gordon offers the following across Australia and South East Asia:

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