5 Reasons to set a carbon target now

5 reasons to set a carbon target - Northmore Gordon
  1. Resilience against future regulation – all states have net-zero by 2050 targets and Victoria just announced the interim target of 50% reduction by 2030
  2. Future-proof your organisation – carbon costs should be incorporated into all investment decisions
  3. Drive innovation – with a carbon target your organisation can be incentivised to find better ways to operate
  4. Save money – environmental charges are on the rise and this cost is passed through to you via your electricity retailer
  5. Gain investor/customer confidence – investors and customers are already asking questions about what companies are doing to reduce their carbon footprint. Can you afford to lose them?

It is clear that there will be a competitive advantage for those who are prepared for the transition to the low carbon economy.

Not sure where to start? We can facilitate a complimentary carbon health check for your management team to understand where your business needs some extra focus. Give us a call and we can arrange a time for this to be done either virtually or in person. Otherwise, try our online carbon health check!

The setting of targets is just one element of a complete carbon strategy as can be seen in the infographic below. 


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If you aren’t sure where to start on your carbon strategy journey, or you have begun in a piecemeal fashion, we can run a complimentary carbon strategy benchmarking session with your management team to highlight areas where there are gaps, and develop a measured plan to filling them.

Contact our carbon team today carbon@northmoregordon.com

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