Disruption of Energy and Transportation

Melbourne City and Horses - Disruption of Energy and Transportation - Northmore Gordon
If you need some inspiration, Tony Seba makes an incredibly compelling case for rapid transformation of the car from petrol to electric and predicts it happening in a very short time.  Couple that with self-driving cars and we could see a lot more space in our cities in the next 20 years.  Solar PV, batteries, and powerful machine learning costs continue to fall rapidly, and this sets the stage for major disruption over the next 10 years.  Given that economics and self-interests drive change and uptake much faster than activism and concern for the planet, I’m very excited by the possibilities in the presentation and much-needed reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.   The Economist predicts a slower transition but still claims “The death of the internal combustion engine” is coming. The video from Tony Seba is an hour long but definitely worth watching.
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