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At Northmore Gordon our focus remains on helping large business reduce energy costs. Our customers are facing more energy cost challenges now than at any time in the past 20 years. We don’t need to reiterate the issues here, suffice to say that the current political environment and the broken energy market has resulted in unsustainable energy prices.

Something has to give.

Will it be you? Your staff? Your business viability? Or can we draw deep on our resourcefulness to improve energy productivity, reduce energy waste, use alternative fuels, and take your business to the next level of energy performance?

We would like to think the latter is true. Technology costs are reducing, low-hanging fruit re-grows, and we continue to find cost-effective opportunities to reduce energy costs.

Through speaking with our customers, we find that they have three main problems:

  1. Corporate targets and budgets for energy and greenhouse gas are not being met.
  2. Data is unavailable, or inadequate to manage energy cost
  3. There are not enough resources (human or financial) to address energy cost.

This is why we introduced a new product to help our customers get the resources they need, address data issues, and achieve their corporate targets. It is called “Virtual Energy Manager”, an outsourced support service that is designed to give you direct access to our complete team, and aligns our financial interests with yours. We don’t just see ourselves as a service provider, but a partner that is passionately interested in your success.

The Virtual Energy Manager provides you with access to the skills of an experienced energy management team without the associated costs. We assist you and your management teams to set and achieve energy productivity goals, comply with energy or greenhouse gas regulations, and create and implement a program of works.

At Northmore Gordon, we guarantee quick wins within three months and share the risk and rewards over the life of the program.

For more information, check out our Virtual Energy Manager page or contact us directly.

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