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The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme, established by the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER Act) is the national framework for disclosing, reporting and disseminating company information. This includes greenhouse gas emissions, energy production, energy consumption and other information specified under NGER legislation for facilities and corporate groups that exceed specified reporting thresholds.  

The Australian Federal Government requires large energy users and emitters to participate in the NGER Scheme 

Reporting under the NGER scheme helps inform government policy and ensures Australia meets its international obligations on reporting greenhouse gas emissions. As a company, you are responsible for determining if you have obligations under the NGER Act and you must ensure that information provided in your NGER report meets the requirements of the Act and its legislation. All companies that are required to report under the NGER Act must submit their reports for the previous financial year by October 31.   

What information should be recorded? 

Companies are required to record the reporting boundary decision-making process, the details of the calculation and data analysis methods used for greenhouse gas emissions, energy production and consumption.  
These may include: 

  • a list of all sources monitored 
  • the activity data used for calculation of greenhouse gas emissions for each source, categorised by process and fuel or material type 
  • documentary evidence relating to data collection —for example, receipts, invoices and details of payment methods 
  • documentation of the methods used for greenhouse gas emissions and energy estimations 
  • documents justifying the selection of the monitoring methods chosen 
  • records supporting business decisions and accuracy, especially for high-risk areas relating to reporting coverage (for example, applying concepts of controlling corporation, corporate group and facility). 

Northmore Gordon can make your reporting easy! 

Meeting requirements under the NGER Act can be complicated and demanding for companies. As a result, mistakes and misreporting can and do occur – which can put businesses at risk. The Clean Energy Regulator regularly conducts audits on reports, which is a key compliance and monitoring measure under the NGER Act. That is why it is best to engage experts to ensure your reports are complete, accurate and lodged on time.

At Northmore Gordon, we are trusted professionals in this ever-changing and important area of business and reporting for our clients is second nature. If you are looking to go a step further than simply reporting your emissions, our team of energy experts can also assist your business to increase your energy efficiency and decrease your carbon emissions. Unlike some of our competitors who are purely environmental consultants, we are an energy performance-focused company that can offer a range of well-rounded solutions for your business on a project-by-project basis or as a complete outsourced service. 

Experience counts 

We believe companies should consider engaging with a trusted and experienced NGER professional to ensure accuracy and legislative compliance and meet deadlines to avoid the risk of penalties that could stem from misreporting. At Northmore Gordon, we regularly prepare greenhouse gas inventories and NGER compliant submissions for a range of big businesses including large milk processors, leading chemical processors and state-wide electricity transmission networks. We also have extensive experience reviewing energy and carbon data management processes, as well as working with industry and large businesses to improve carbon and energy performance. 

What we can do for your business? 

With over 30 passionate staff across three countries, we have the knowledge and expertise to help your company succeed. Whether it be quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions, or implementing a comprehensive energy and carbon management strategy, we can help you decarbonise and reduce energy costs. Whether you are looking for a partnership approach or a complete outsourced solution – we have got you covered. 

We’re here to help 

Talk to us today about arranging your NGER reporting for the 2021-22 financial year before the looming October 31 deadline. 

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