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At Northmore Gordon, we employ over 30 staff across five offices in three countries. Read more about our story below.

At the core of the business Northmore Gordon is built and driven by the belief that we can combat climate change. Formed in 2009 to join the global effort to reduce emissions through our consultant services. We believe that significant change in combating climate change will be driven by investment into energy efficiency, renewable generation, and greenhouse gas emission reductions. 

Why work with us?

At Northmore Gordon, we truly care about our employees, their needs and aspirations. We aim to build an environment where everyone now and in the future has the opportunity to explore, grow and make a difference

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When you join the team, you’ll be working alongside people who are passionate about what they do and determined to make a difference. They share their stories of what it’s like working at Northmore Gordon.

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Current Vacancy

Graduate and Intern Program

Looking for some on-the-job experience? We’re open to internship applications! If you’d like to enquire about graduate or internship opportunities, please fill out the application form below, attach your CV and a cover letter, and a member of the Northmore Gordon team will be in touch. 

Graduate Consultant (Melbourne) 

Northmore Gordon is a leading energy and carbon consultancy with offices in Australia, Singapore and the Phillipines. We work with large-scale clients in the industrial and built environment sectors to reduce energy costs while transitioning to more sustainable enterprises.

Northmore Gordon provides a range of key energy-related services, including: technical services through energy audits, feasibility studies and implementation support; energy management and carbon strategy; and assistance in energy certificate creation and grant applications.

Our consultants have decades of collective global experience working with a broad array of energy intensive industries on the ground floor and in the boardroom to support the progress to energy and carbon sustainability. Our team is passionate about energy sustainability and conserving our environment – we hold this at the heart of everything that we do.

The Opportunity

Graduate Consultant positions are now available in our Melbourne office.

The position will involve working with Senior Consultants to deliver projects across a range of industries, including water treatment, food processing, transport and manufacturing sectors. Project work will include technical tasks, such as energy auditing/efficiency opportunity identification and data analysis, as well as communication-centric tasks in energy management systems and liaising with clients. Projects typically include some site work, which may include occasional interstate and intrastate travel.

Role Requirements 

  • Bachelor of Engineering (or higher) qualification, preferably in Chemical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Self-driven, with strong task-management skills
  • Eagerness to learn and develop both technically and professionally
  • Understanding of electrical and thermal energy systems, e.g. refrigeration, motors, pumps, steam systems
  • Experienced with MS Excel – experience with Python or VBA is beneficial
  • Strong written communications skills, with experience in professional report writing
  • Highly reliable – ability to perform under pressure when necessary
  • Enjoys working in a team environment, whilst maintaining an independent workload and responsibilities
  • Interest in working in the sustainable energy field
  • Prior experience is not necessary, but previous roles in consulting will be viewed favorably

Why work with us?

Northmore Gordon is a team of highly driven engineers, united by the desire to make a difference in the increasingly important field of sustainability and energy-related carbon emissions.

With Northmore Gordon, you will gain experience working with many of the country’s largest energy consumers. With these businesses you will be analysing data and providing recommendations on energy management strategies, energy efficiency technologies/methods, and renewable energy systems.

You will be supported by a team of well-established and highly experienced consultants with expertise in these critical Australian and international industries.

Numerous opportunities for onsite work and gaining practical experience in energy consulting offer a multitude of career options within this fast-expanding industry.

Flexible working arrangements are available.

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Senior Consultant (Sydney) 

Northmore Gordon (NG) helps large business in the industrial sector and built environment decarbonise, reduce energy usage and subsequently costs.

To achieve this, we offer several services including:

  • Energy optimisation
  • Carbon advisory and accounting
  • Measurement and verification (M&V) of proposed decarbonisation and energy efficiency initiatives
  • Strategic energy sourcing
  • Project delivery support

Visit Northmore Gordon for more information about our company.  As the world has finally woken up to climate change, join our passionate team to help decarbonise the Australia and Southeast Asia.

Position Purpose

Northmore Gordon requires an experienced Senior Consultant to deliver multiple advisory projects across numerous industries.  The role includes a base salary with bonuses depending on performance.

Working under broad supervision, the role requires that you:

  • Manage the delivery of projects to achieve project budgets and client outcomes.
  • Develop project scopes from proposals into workable project plans.
  • Facilitate the delivery of projects.
  • Provide leadership and coaching to consultants and associates to achieve agreed time, cost, and quality objectives.
  • Provide technical support to the sales team as required including review of proposals to ensure that scope and cost allowances are aligned.

Key Accountabilities Delivery

  • Advise, coach, provide technical advice and influence clients in our target markets on energy efficiency.
  • Further develop methodologies that have been broadly defined during the proposal stage into workable plans for execution,
  • Develop project plans and ensure quality project execution.
  • Prepare technical reports, that may include Type 2 energy audits in accordance with AS 3598, Climate Active, or Net Zero Pathways.
  • Interview staff in client organisations to understand energy use patterns,
  • Perform technical tasks, including:
    • Calculate or derive energy consumption of a range of plant in the absence of hard data.
    • Complete energy-mass balance calculations, summary tables and diagrams, e.g., Sankey diagrams.
    • Isolate process areas with the potential for energy efficiency improvement.
      Techniques to identify potential opportunities may include benchmarking, statistical analysis of energy use data, trend analysis, theoretical analysis, and pinch analysis.
    • Identify specific actions with potential to decarbonise, improve energy
      efficiency or reduce energy costs. Techniques may include changes to production processes, design and selection of substitute mechanical equipment, updates to control methods, load shifting, fuel switching, etc.
  • Design and technical reviews.
  • Research and providing advice on new energy efficiency equipment and methodologies.
  • Coach junior staff to achieve required outcomes.
  • Provide peer review of deliverables to ensure appropriate quality.
  • Present deliverables to clients.

Key Competencies

Project management

Project management of projects or assignments, delivering on time, on budget and specification as required to meet stakeholder expectations (outcomes are satisfied clients,
profit for Northmore Gordon and a growing and motivated project team):

  • Plan the work (project activities) to ensure success. Draw up / ensure appropriateness of the schedule, budget, and specification
  • Identify stakeholders, manage their expectations, and ensure appropriate on-going communication
  • Maintain and develop client relations in the context of the project, establishing a positive rapport
  • Request client feedback during and after the project
  • Build a team to complete the work, negotiating resource allocations as necessary
  • Involve client representatives in the project as appropriate
  • Allocate team responsibilities and ensure team understanding of schedule, budget, specification, and responsibility
  • Manage scope changes: identify scope changes, seek client approval, resolve commercial issues
  • Manage the project team on a day-to-day basis and ensure on-going team motivation
  • Negotiate firm commitments with team members, including external parties, to meet targets
  • Pro-actively guide the project, team, and stakeholders, through the required milestones or phases toward successful completion
  • Resolve project problems such as: resource allocations, scope, schedule, expectations and use sound judgement in handling the unexpected
  • Recognise when assistance is required and request assistance or communicate issues as appropriate
  • Ensure timely invoicing, minimise un-invoiced work-in-progress and facilitate collection of payment
  • Convince client (verbally and written) of outcomes – present ideas and arguments,
    and be persuasive when needed.
  • Ability to write, audit and review draft reports, ensuring effective communication of content
  • Ability to handle difficult communications with sensitivity, both internally and externally
  • Coach / motivate / deliver effective messages internally within the team environment
  • Able to “smooth the waters” in a team context
  • Able to communicate effectively at senior levels with clients
  • Able to manage the facilitation of workshops and client meetings
  • Highly developed negotiation skills to secure positive outcomes from client
Customer relationships

Ability to assume responsibility for an entire project client relationship:

  • Diagnose and manage client politics
  • Strong focus on client’s needs
  • Balance client’s needs versus Northmore Gordon needs
  • Anticipate potholes & manage relationship risks
  • Design a client relationship strategy for a project
  • Develop client intimacy at counterpart level
  • Advise clients outside the remit of the project, provide opinion, reference, guidance
  • Expand client relationships management to multiple stakeholders
Application of expertise
  • Good problem-solving ability: The ability to gain new information from a client or situation based on discussions, analysis, observation etc., and then to process this information, identify the patterns and then be able to recognise which tool / technique is most relevant to apply
  • Take responsibility for leading a client in a long-term program of continuous improvement in energy management
  • Provide ongoing input to others in the consulting practice relating to strengths and weaknesses in the energy management offering, and ways in which the offering can be improved
  • Make presentations at appropriate industry conferences, as required.

Key Competencies

Skills / Knowledge / Attributes

  • Self-starter who can take the initiative
  • Some level of “entrepreneurial spirit” to get things done and push to get the support they need from the Melbourne office.
  • Must be a disciplined self-manager who can work independently
  • Loves working with data and manipulating spreadsheets.
  • Good report writing skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills (spoken and written)
  • Knowledge of industrial and commercial sectors and equipment desirable
  • Passionate about the clean technology & energy efficiency sector highly desirable


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical or Chemical preferred but not required) or
  • Bachelor of Science with experience working in engineering fields or equivalent or
  • Measurement and Verification qualification or experience using the International Performance
    Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)


  • Advanced capabilities with MS Excel and MS Word
  • Good MS Teams knowledge

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