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  • NG runs a seminar in Newcastle on energy management for industry
  • How ACCUs are helping to fund energy efficiency upgrades in Industry
  • How ACCUs are helping to fund energy efficiency upgrades in Commercial buildings
  • NSW Government supports Energy Management Systems
  • Sustainability Victoria releases a grant for Bio-energy Infrastructure or Feasibility Studies
  • Federal Government releases a grant for modernising manufacturing
  • Welcome new clients with Measurement and Verification projects
  • Article: Steel is expensive, controls are cheap – optimising your plant for energy efficiency

In this newsletter

  • OEH Manufacturing Efficiency Funding applications extended to end July 2019
  • New methods available in Victoria for creation of VEECs from gas efficiency activities
  • How to measure and monitor gas use

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  • Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Funding Options (NSW)
  • Energy Management Training and support for all business (NSW)
  • Emerging Energy Program

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  • Virtual Energy Manager
  • Want to get paid for reducing your electricity <10 hours per year?
  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Bioenergy, the ugly duckling
  • National Energy Guarantee
  • Grants in Victoria
  • Energy Savings Certificates in NSW