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Northmore Gordon customises energy optimisation programs to suit our client’s needs.
The three core actions are:

Energy Audit

Energy management system

Energy performance
improvement plan

Energy Optimisation simply means, that your energy is being used in the most productive way possible and is not being wasted. One of the primary advantages of energy optimisation is that it reduces your environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions. This is particularly important in today’s world, where sustainability and corporate social responsibility are more critical than ever before.

Our technical experts can assist with all elements of your energy optimisation, from energy audits to find out where energy waste occurs, to feasilibility studies, or more comprehensive energy management systems.

We can assist you in a range of services; optimising your energy usage, increasing the productivity of your equipment, implementing energy efficiency projects, discovering options for procurement and access funding through government grants and environmental certificates.

Whether you are just beginning your energy efficiency journey or need detailed technical guidance, our team of experts can assist with your optimisation plans.

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One of the first steps in manging your energy optimisation is understanding it. Whether you are looking at an energy audit,  a feasibility study or financing your latest energy project – we can help! Fill out the form below and one of our carbon experts will be in touch