Energy Savings Formula

The Client:

Koppers Carbon Materials and Chemicals (KCMC) operate a chemical manufacturing facility in Newcastle, Australia. The facility takes coal tar (a by-product from steel production) and refines it via distillation processes into several products, including pitch (used as electrode binder in Aluminium smelting), naphthalene, creosote, and carbon black feedstock.

The Work:

The team at Northmore Gordon have been engaged by KCMC since 2007 to assist with the implementation of their energy management program, under our ‘Virtual Energy Manager’ partnership service.

Some of the services we have provided under this program include:

  • Energy Management Diagnostics
  • Definition of strategic energy objectives
  • Established regular monthly reporting of energy KPIs and targets
  • Facilitation of brainstorming sessions to harness ideas and staff input
  • Project identification and feasibility evaluation
  • Formalising energy action plans
  • Preparation of business cases for energy savings projects
  • Preparation of successful government funding applications for energy savings projects
  • Design and delivery of on-site energy management training
  • Annual National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS) reporting;
  • Monitoring and analysis of utility meter data and site sub-meter data
  • Facilitation of monthly energy management team meetings to track and report of progress of energy initiatives and set actions, responsibilities and timelines for future activities


Through this Energy Management Program, Northmore Gordon has assisted KCMC to reduce their energy costs by almost $1,500,000 per annum (33% reduction in total site energy usage).

Referees for this project:

Nick Moretti

Operations Manager

Australian Operations

Koppers Carbon Materials and Chemicals Pty Ltd | Woodstock Street | Mayfield NSW 2304 | Australia