Giving Back

Northmore Gordon’s directors and staff all share a strong concern for the environment and aim to live in a sustainable way. We support organisations with our beliefs.


At Northmore Gordon no one drives to work, many ride a bike and the rest of us take public transport.  At lunch there are regular debates about the impact of various foods on the planet and how sustainable they are; some are much better at acting on this discussion than others.  And of course, we are all working to combat climate change.

Northmore Gordon donates part of our profits to the following organisations.  We believe these organisations are on the front line for the environment and for combatting climate change.  We plan to do this on an annual basis and increase the number of organisations we can support.

Learn more about the organisations we support

Australian Wildlife Conversancy

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is the biggest private (not for profit) owner and/or manager of land for conservation in Australia. As a leader in the field, our mission is the effective conservation of all Australian native animal species and the habitats in which they live.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s vision is to see a world where Australia’s biodiversity is valued and effectively conserved by an engaged community.

Australian Marine Conservation Society

From The Economist, “The ocean sustains humanity. Humanity treats it with contempt”.
This organisation is the voice for Australia’s ocean wildlife; the oceans are very much out of sight out of mind. Their key focus is to create marine sanctuaries, make fisheries more sustainable, and overall protect and recover the threatened wildlife.


The amount of plastic accumulating in the ocean and the changing temperatures from climate change are the reasons Wattly supports the Australian Marine Conservation Society.