Current Grants and Programs

Government programs and grants can change rapidly.
They often exist only temporarily and the application window can be narrow.
Our mission is to help you make the best use of these grants and programs
to make step changes in your operation.

Northmore Gordon is on government-appointed panels so we can help you best access funding from grants and programs. We help with:

> Project identification
> Application forms
> Measure and verify results
> Success fee or fixed fee models

Company Memberships and accreditations
  • Business coach for Medium Energy Users, NSW DPIE
  • Business coach for High Energy Users, NSW DPIE
  • Accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO), Singapore
  • Compressed Air and Steam Services Pilot delivery panel
  • Energy Efficiency Professional Services panel, NSW DPIE, under which we are pre-qualified to undertake:
    • Energy efficiency auditing services
    • Technical support for implementing energy efficiency projects
    • Energy efficiency measurement and verification services
    • Energy efficiency training services
  • Department of Agriculture Panel (VIC) to provide Energy Assessment services to Victorian Primary Producers

This, along with our up-to-date knowledge, allows us to help you access the following grants and programs. We consider fixed fees or base+success where we share the risk and rewards for some grant applications.

Northmore Gordon helps you unlock government funding

We help you to apply for the various grants and funding programs available from the government.

Project Identification

Application forms

Measure & Verify results

Success fee based model