Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEOA) Assessment

We are your energy specialists for the industrial sector

  • Certified EEO Assessors x 3
  • Certified Energy Managers x 3
  • Singapore Certified Energy Manager x 1
  • Certified M&V Professionals x 8
  • ISO 9001 Certified

We are experienced in EEO for large industrial companies in Singapore and Australia

  • EEO – Pharmaceutical
  • EEO – Semiconductor
  • EEO – Water utilities
  • EEO – Food & Beverage
  • EEO – Agricultural Processing
  • EEO – Gold mining

If you are a Registered Corporation and are required to complete an Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment (EEOA), then you will need to follow this process.

Plan Assessment

  • Define Assessment Boundary encompassing at least 80% of energy consumption
  • Identify major ECS, subsystems, upstream systems, linkages
  • Define Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) for site and major ECS
  • Develop preliminary energy balance for site and ECS
  • Prepare measurement and data collection plan
  • Prepare preliminary assessment report

Measure performance of energy-consuming systems

  • Buy and install instruments
  • Measure and collect data
  • Complete an energy balance
  • Calculate SEC metrics
  • Assess performance and benchmark
  • Complete an Accuracy Statement

Identify potential energy efficiency opportunities (EEOs)

  • Identify EEOs
  • Categorise and prioritise EEOs
  • Assess shortlisted EEOs for final recommendation
  • Prepare detailed business cases for EEOs

Report findings to the NEA

  • Final EEO Assessment report for submission to NEA.

What’s Included

EEO customers benefit from Northmore Gordon’s specialist consultancy services for a fixed fee including the following as standard:

Skilled engineers

  • Principal with industrial experience leads project
  • Access to team for support
  • High quality communicators
  • Motivated to find cost savings and meet government requirements

Site-wide analysis

  • Site-wide energy balance
  • Compliance with NEA requirements
  • Calculate specific energy consumption
  • Identify sub-systems
  • Calibrated data loggers

EEO identification

  • EEOs in utilities and production plant
  • Collaboration with site staff
  • Value-ease assessment
  • EEO summaries
  • Complete report

Executive Support

  • Monthly progress report
  • Attend meetings with senior executives
  • Well-written executive summary

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