Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment

EEO Assessments are required for existing operations, plant expansions and new ventures where you use (or project to use) more than 54TJ annum.

We are your energy specialists for the industrial sector

> Certified EEO Assessors x 3
> Certified Energy Managers x 3
> Singapore Certified Energy Manager x 1
> Certified M&V Professionals x 8
> ISO 9001 Certified

We are experienced in EEO for large industrial companies in Singapore and Australia

> EEO - Synthetic materials
> EEO - Pharmaceutical
> EEO - Semiconductor
> EEO - Water utilities
> EEO - Food & Beverage
> EEO - Agricultural Processing
> EEO - Gold mining

If you are a Registered Corporation and are required to complete an Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment (EEOA), then you will need to follow this process.

  • Define Assessment Boundary encompassing at least 80% of energy consumption
  • identify major ECS, subsystems, upstream systems, linkages
  • Define Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) for site and major ECS
  • Develop preliminary energy balance for site and ECS
  • Prepare measurement and data collection plan
  • Prepare preliminary assessment report
  • Buy and install instruments
  • Measure and collect data
  • Complete an energy balance
  • Calculate SEC metrics
  • Assess performance and benchmark
  • Complete an Accuracy Statement
  • Identify EEOs
  • Categorise and prioritise EEOs
  • Assess shortlisted EEOs for final recommendation
  • Prepare detailed business cases for EEOs
  • Final EEO Assessment report for submission to NEA.

What's Included

EEO customers benefit from Northmore Gordon’s specialist consultancy
services for a fixed fee including the following as standard:

Skilled engineers

Site-wide analsysis

EEO identification

Executive Support