National Industrial Transformation Program

Opened Date: 2022
Closing Date: Unknown

The $40 million National Industrial Transformation Program (NIT Program), previously known as the Industrial Energy Transformation Studies (IETS) Program, will support the reduction of scope 1 and scope 2 emissions at existing or planned industrial facilities across Australia.

Who is this for?

The following target sectors are considered to be well aligned with the program objectives:

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Electricity gas, water and waste
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Transport

The program objectives are to:

  • Support Industrial Facilities in Australia to reduce emissions in line with Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction goals and transition to net zero by 2050
  • Improve technology readiness and commercial readiness of Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Efficiency Technologies and Electrification Technologies that will result in a significant reduction in Scope 1 and/or Scope 2 emissions or improve the energy efficiency of an industrial process or processes
  • Encourage technology demonstration, collaboration and knowledge sharing across industry and/or regions
  • And support upskilling of the industrial workforce in new decarbonisation activities


The ARENA funding available under the Program is up to a total amount of $40 million and the total of all grants for a particular project under the Program will not exceed $15 million.

Stage 1 – Feasibility Studies: A Feasibility Study aims to provide an independent assessment that examines all aspects of a proposed Project, including technical, economic, financial, legal, and environmental considerations. The Study should demonstrate the economic case for the technology and associated energy or emission reductions while ensuring that the technological barriers are identified and are manageable.

Stage 2 – Implementation Stage: conditional funding for an implementation stage that may be a subsequent pilot, demonstration, or deployment.

Projects may target a reduction in Scope 1 and/or Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions through solutions including, but not limited to, investment in electrification, fuel switching or Energy Efficiency, or critical enabling infrastructure. ARENA funds cannot be used to fund basic technology research and research to prove feasibility.

The ARENA Grant may be used to cover up to 50% of the total eligible Study costs. Applications with higher co-contributions (that is. lower ARENA Grant request) may be considered of higher merit.

Relevant Guideline documents are as follows:

An Application can be submitted at any time while this Program remains open, but ARENA is likely to assess applications quarterly.


You can apply if you:

  • At the time of applying and throughout the life of the Project, the Applicant must hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be an Australian entity incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)
  • have an Australian State or Territory-owned corporation, or a subsidiary of an Australian state or territory owned corporation; or c. an Australian local government or council or an Australian organisation that is purposed with representing and supporting local governments or councils

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