E2F – Implementation of an Energy Management Information System

Opening date: 12 Jan 2022 09:00 AM AEDT
Closing date: 03 Mar 2022 05:00 PM AEDT

The purpose is to encourage companies to put in place an EMIS which would enable them to effectively manage energy use in a structured manner to achieve efficiency improvements. NG has experience in implementing metering, monitoring and information management systems, and has written Industry Guides for government on how to establish such systems.


To encourage manufacturing companies, including SMEs, to invest in energy efficient equipment or technologies.

Key eligibility criteria

The applicant must be a Singapore-registered owner or operator of an existing or proposed industrial facility that is or will be sited in Singapore.

Technologies supported

The proposed energy efficiency project must meet the following criteria:

  • The project must involve installation and use of energy efficient equipment or technologies with a proven track record of energy savings Electricity or gas savings or both. in an industrial facility.
  • The project must result in measurable and verifiable energy savings (see requirements on measurement and verification below).
  • The project must not have commenced before the application is approved.
  • The project shall be completed within 36 months from the approval of grant.
  • Projects that reduce cost, but do not demonstrate measurable and verifiable energy savings are not eligible. 

Funding amount

  • Up to 50% of qualifying costs, capped at
  • $250,000 per energy-intensive facility (i.e. consuming more than 54TJ of energy annually and registrable under the Energy Conservation Act); and
  • $125,000 for other facilities.

Project Scope

The EMIS implemented should cover all major energy consuming systems in the facility. Otherwise, the applicant shall provide justifications for the proposed scope.

Project features should include

Tracking and Monitoring

  • Track energy performance based on suitable performance indicators e.g. (kWh/ton production, kW/CMH) and relevant variables (e.g. temperature, pressure)
  • Include data analysis functions (e.g. regression analysis) to identify performance gaps and opportunities

Set appropriate targets

  • Reporting & Alerts
  • Customised reporting to different user levels
  • Highlight inefficient performance in a timely manner, and generate alerts to prompt users to take rectification action

Qualifying Costs

  • Equipment and materials;
  • Professional services; and
  • Software and IT services

Singapore GST is excluded.

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