Resource Efficiency Grant for Energy (REG(E))

This grant rewards data centres and manufacturing companies who invest in projects that deliver energy savings and carbon abatement.

Eligibility criteria

  • Singapore-registered owners or operators
  • Group annual sales turnover of more than S$500 million
  • Project based in Singapore
  • Carbon reductions must occur

Funding amount

Funding is the lesser of 50% of qualifying cost, or calculated at an amount related to the annual carbon abatement.

Contact Northmore Gordon for the specific calculations.

NG Services

We help you complete all steps necessary to apply for the grant, from Application to Final Claim. We have 3 people who can be Qualified Endorsers of your application.

Application Form and Project Proposal

  • Review project
  • Assess eligibility
  • Create and endorse M&V methodology
  • Project carbon savings
  • Ensure application form and project proposal submitted to EDB

Pre-project M&V support

  • Oversee and endorse data collection
  • Measure if required
  • Ensure good data management

Post-Project M&V Support

  • Oversee or take post-project measurements
  • Compile raw data
  • Calculate savings
  • Endorse data management and savings calculations

Finding a suitable grant opportunity is just the start of the process of getting funding. Let us help you! The application for each grant is different and the process can take time and effort. Contact us to walk you through everything from, processes, eligibility criteria and the grants, funding and financial assistance available at the moment. Let us make getting funding, easy for you. 

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Principal Consultant

Ajanthan is an experienced Marine and Power Engineer. Starting his career in Technical Operations of Marine Vessels, he moved on…

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