Resource Efficiency Grant for Energy (Singapore)

Large Singapore-based owners or operators can apply for up to 50%
grant funding for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This grant rewards manufacturing companies who invest in projects that deliver energy savings and carbon abatement.

Eligibility criteria

  • Singapore-registered owners or operators
  • Group annual sales turnover of more than S$500 million
  • Project based in Singapore
  • Carbon reductions must occur

Funding amount

Funding is the lesser of 50% of qualifying cost, or calculated at the annual carbon abatement x 15years x $15 if the project saves < 500T p.a., or $20/tonne if the project saves >500T p.a.


Project cost = $1,000,000
Carbon saving = 1,000 t CO2e per year
Grant amount based on carbon = 1000 x 15y x $20 = $300,000

NG Services

We help you complete all steps necessary to apply for the grant, from Application to Final Claim. 
We have 3 people who can be Qualified Endorsers of your application.

Application Form and Project Proposal

  • Review project
  • Assess eligibility
  • Create and endorse M&V methodology
  • Project carbon savings
  • Ensure application form and project proposal submitted to EDB

Pre-project M&V support

  • Oversee and endorse data collection
  • Measure if required
  • Ensure good data management

Post-Project M&V Support

  • Oversee or take post-project measurements
  • Compile raw data
  • Calculate savings
  • Endorse data management and savings calculations