Energy outlook for large users in Singapore

Learn about market trends in oil and gas, how they affect electricity prices in
Singapore, solar power purchase agreements, and ways to better contract
for electricity.

The industrial sector in Singapore accounts for over 70% of the nation’s final energy consumption. For businesses competing in this sector, energy represents a significant operating cost. There is also pressure to do more with less, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Key Topics

Will the volatility in the oil markets continue? How have the gas markets been impacted and what does this mean for Singapore?
Real world examples show that Solar PPAs are cost effective today and key success factors to ensure it works for you. How Energy-as-a-service can also include energy efficiency and demand management.
Go beyond fixed price comparison and discount off tariff – there are smarter and cheaper contracting choices available. Having an electricity market strategy can reduce your costs.

Featured Speakers

Clyde Russell
Clyde Russell

Asia Commodities & Energy Columnist
Thomson Reuters

Tony Fullelove
Tony Fullelove

Director – Delivery
Blueleaf Energy

Cheryl Bowler - Northmore Gordon
Cheryl Bowler

Principal Consultant, Energy Markets
Northmore Gordon