Andrew has been working with the Wattly Group (Northmore Gordon) since January 2017. Having worked in the VIC and NSW energy certificates schemes throughout 2017, his focus shifted to industrial energy efficiency and metering under the Northmore Gordon banner.

As a Senior Energy Consultant, Andrew has conducted energy audits across a range of wastewater treatment, manufacturing, and food manufacturing facilities. With a strong technical background, he has quickly developed expertise in compressed air systems, data analysis, instrumentation and power metering and analysis.

Prior to joining Northmore Gordon, Andrew pursued post-graduate studies in sustainable energy engineering as a segue from the oil and gas dominated engineering positions he held in his home state of Western Australia. He is an avid proponent for the development of effective sustainable energy policies in Australia, and is passionate about his involvement in the industry. Speak with Andrew Dawkins and let him assist and navigate the ideal outcomes of your next project.