Alan Kholer knows what he’s talking about “The great coal hoax” and in The Australian no less.

Alan Kholer knows what hes talking about The great coal hoax and in The Australian no less - Northmore Gordon

“They know, and one suspects that Morrison and Turnbull know too — we all know, really — that the only reason coal is “cheap” is that the cost of dealing with the carbon dioxide that comes from burning it is not included in the price… 

Those crises have now arrived in the form of blackouts, and they are not caused by too much renewable energy. As the BCA makes clear, it’s due to a lack of investment, in turn due to a lack of policy certainty and clarity.

This is entirely the Liberal Party’s fault — not just Malcolm Turnbull’s, although he is a rather pathetic figure now. If he didn’t go along with the hoax, he’d be sacked and another PM would.

By taking the low road in 2009 instead of the high road, and deciding to mislead Australians about the true cost of energy, the Liberal Party condemned the country to a decade of confusion and stasis on energy policy.”

Full article in The Australian:

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