Webinar: Demystifying Carbon Offsets

Demystifying Carbon Offsets - Carbon Offsets Webinar - Energy Consultancy Australia - Northmore Gordon

Your company has just announced these big, ambitious net-zero goals involving offsets and everyone’s excited; but there’s one giant question, how will you make this happen?

Navigating the different programs, mechanics of the certificates and offsets, plus all the rules can seem complicated. During this webinar, our carbon strategy and offsetting experts will take you through all the basics, the role carbon offsets play in your decarbonisation journey, the rules and you will leave with practical sector-specific advice.

Northmore Gordon is a carbon and energy consultancy in Australia and South East Asia. Over the past few years, we have seen a clear trend with more and more businesses developing roadmaps and strategies for moving towards a carbon-neutral operation – we hope providing webinars like this can assist businesses in making better energy efficiency decisions as we near closer to our 2030 targets.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • The Basics
    – What is an offset?
    – Why are they important and why you should be offsetting
    – Options for certification
    – Verified vs unverified offsets
    – Buying offsets
    – Pricing and market dynamics

  • Different types of certificates
    – Types of offsets or certificates and how to use them
    Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions
    – Availability of international offsets
    – Selling to government (ERF) vs 3rd party
    – Availability and treatment of international offsets

  • Rules of different programs & the mechanics of how to surrender certificates for an offset
    Climate Active vs SBTi vs CERT
    – Eligible RECs and offsets
    – Traceability of the offsets

  • Roadmap of certificates for businesses
    – Different levers before using offsets
    – Roles of certificates in a decarbonisation strategy
    – Introductory overview of how offsets are treated

  • Case studies and Q&A

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About the Presenters:

Alan Wang - Northmore Gordon
Alan Wang – Principal Consultant

Alan Wuyi WangAlan, B.Eng (Electrical), Hons, CMVP, CEM is an Electrical Engineer with over 7 years experience in the energy field, specialising in industrial and large commercial energy efficiency, process engineering, waste treatment process, carbon strategy, renewable electricity, bioenergy and cogeneration projects. Technical expertise includes measurement and verification, energy management, energy efficiency opportunity assessments and feasibility, business case studies and government grants, Australian energy market, lighting designs, certificates and carbon credits, and digital data platforms.

Patrick Blain - Northmore Gordon
Patrick Blain – General Manager Certificates

Patrick Blain – Patrick holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical & Manufacturing and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne. 

His previous experience includes project management, project engineering, and quality assurance across the Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Building Services, and Infrastructure sectors. Patrick is also a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP).

Chris Warris - Northmore Gordon
Chris Warris – Principal Consultant

Chris Warris – Chris has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of roles across different industries such as power generation, oil and gas, academic research, sustainability and energy management and consulting. Chris has worked on a range of energy and carbon management projects including Energy Audits of large industrial & manufacturing facilities, food processing facilities, commercial office buildings, hospitals and aged care facilities; energy simulation modelling for BCA and NABERS Energy assessments; Greenhouse gas assessments and Energy & Carbon Management Program implementation.

Trent Hawkins - Northmore Gordon
Trent Hawkins – Principal Consultant

Trent HawkinsTrent, B. Eng (Mech), is an experienced sustainability advisor in the food, fibre, and beverage sectors. Trent is passionate about partnering with producers and manufacturers to improve energy performance and decarbonise. Expertise includes energy and carbon strategy development, energy management systems, energy auditing and opportunities assessments, and project implementation support. Trent has a particular interest in decarbonisation of thermal energy systems through electrification, heat recovery, and waste to energy, and is a recognised leader in the industry investigating alternatives to fossil fuel energy systems.

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