EECCA: Energy Savings Schemes Industry Report launched

EECCA- Energy Savings Schemes Industry Report launched - Northmore Gordon
The Energy Saving Schemes in VIC, NSW, SA & ACT have been very successful in reducing peak load, affordability and emissions.  BUT they could do so much more.  See EECCA’s first industry report.
Mass rollout of LED Lighting to AU factories & warehouses would save as much energy as VIC Hazelwood power station generated.  Upgrade all the shops and offices, and we don’t need NSW Liddell power station (due to close in 2022).
Sounds hard?  In VIC alone Wattly’s partners have replaced 15,000 Highbays in the last six months in factories and warehouses, and the VEU program at least 100,000 in total (thousands of factories/warehouses).  That’s how quickly these programs work.
If more widely deployed the Energy Savings Schemes could meet 50% of Australia’s emission reductions targets under the Paris climate accord.
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