EECCA Rebrand: Energy Savings Industry Association (ESIA)

EECCA Rebrand- Energy Savings Industry Association (ESIA) - Northmore Gordon

The peak industry body for businesses operating under the multiple Australian energy saving schemes was rebranded and launched last week. We were very fortunate to the have the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP Vic Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change provide the keynote address and reiterated her commitment to strengthening the Victorian Energy Upgrades.

The industry has grown over the past 10 years and through the schemes in VIC, NSW, SA, and ACT;

  • 2.3 million households and businesses have participated;
  • 5 million energy-saving upgrades so far;
  • 5 million MWh of electricity saved annually;
  • 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided;
  • 4,000 jobs supported; and
  • $1 billion of customer bill savings annually.

The industry association was formerly known the Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA). For full details of ESIA rebranding please see:

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