Net-Zero Webinar: Decoding the Buzzwords and Practical Sector-Specific Advice

Carbon Net Zero Webinar - Northmore Gordon

Northmore Gordon is a carbon and energy consultancy in Australia and South East Asia. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a clear trend with more and more businesses developing roadmaps and strategies for moving towards a carbon-neutral operation. With huge global economic challenges and accelerating climate change, the race to Net-Zero has taken a substantial leap in 2021.

Many organisations are setting and announcing net-zero targets, but many are based on kicking the heaving lifting down the road towards 2050; this is relying on future technologies that may or may not happen.

This is a risky approach:

  • What if these technologies aren’t practical, or never become cost effective? 
  • Equipment & infrastructure installed this decade is likely to still be in use well beyond 2030 and even out to 2050. This means you may not be able to wait for new technologies – you need to have a plan that includes currently available, practical measures that can be implemented NOW, otherwise you risk locking in emissions and making it harder to achieve your targets
  • Your strategy risks being seen as ‘greenwash’ if it doesn’t contain credible, practical and implementable emissions reduction measures that can be started NOW. 

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The science behind the Anthropological carbon budget
  • 2030 and 2050 targets and timeframes
  • Understanding your carbon footprint and the decoding scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
  • The ins and outs of Science Based Targets and Climate Active
  • Identifying practical emission reduction opportunities
  • Practical emissions reduction measures that can be implemented now to start achieving carbon targets 
  • Case studies from different sectors that demonstrate that by careful assessment of your business activities and your specific emissions profile, your emissions reduction target can be achieved using readily available, cost effective measures

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Our Speakers

Chris Warris - Northmore Gordon
Chris Warris – Principal Consultant

Chris Warris – Chris has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of roles across different industries such as power generation, oil and gas, academic research, sustainability and energy management and consulting.

Chris has worked on a range of energy and carbon management projects including Energy Audits of large industrial & manufacturing facilities, food processing facilities, commercial office buildings, hospitals and aged care facilities; energy simulation modelling for BCA and NABERS Energy assessments; Greenhouse gas assessments and Energy & Carbon Management Program implementation.

Trent Hawkins - Northmore Gordon
Trent Hawkins – Principal Consultant

Trent HawkinsTrent, B. Eng (Mech), is an experienced sustainability advisor in the food, fibre, and beverage sectors. Trent is passionate about partnering with producers and manufacturers to improve energy performance and decarbonise. Expertise includes energy and carbon strategy development, energy management systems, energy auditing and opportunities assessments, and project implementation support. Trent has a particular interest in decarbonisation of thermal energy systems through electrification, heat recovery, and waste to energy, and is a recognised leader in the industry investigating alternatives to fossil fuel energy systems.

Claire Quy - Northmore Gordon
Claire Quy – Senior Consultant

Claire QuyClaire joined Northmore Gordon in 2019 with experience developing and delivering energy performance contracts (EPCs) at some of Australia’s most iconic buildings, including museums and art galleries, sporting facilities and universities. Since then, Claire has delivered the energy and carbon management activities that cover baseline development, benchmarking, energy audits and opportunities assessments, energy action plans and net-zero strategy development. Claire has supported a range of customers and facilities with their energy and carbon management journeys including farms, commercial buildings, councils, aquatic centres, food and beverage manufacturing, heavy industry and waste management.

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