Over 3 Million Tonnes Abated. Many thanks to our Partners.

Over 3 Million Tonnes Abated. Many thanks to our Partners - Northmore Gordon

Wattly is pleased to announce that we’ve created over 3 million certificates under Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU). With the help of our partner installation companies, Wattly has ensured that 3 million tonnes less CO2 will go into the atmosphere over the next 10 years.

Sales & Marketing Director, Craig Morgan said “LED lighting technology reduces energy consumption by over 80% compared to most existing lights. The potential for energy and cost savings is available to all sectors of the economy and will generate long-term reductions in carbon emissions. We have seen widespread adoption of LED lighting in retail, hospitality, healthcare, warehouses and factories throughout Victoria and NSW.”

Energy Savings continue to be the most cost effective, and most over-looked way to help meet Australia’s commitments under the Paris Accord.  The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program alone is responsible for a reduction of 5% of the total electricity consumed in the state of the Victoria compared to business as usual. This is very significant, and in fact twice the amount of energy produced by behind-the-meter Solar PV.  We are looking forward to continuing to accelerate the reduction in emissions through commercial and industrial energy efficiency and the ongoing boom in Solar across Australia.

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