Wattly achieves 2 million VEET certificates created, 20th June 2017

VEET Scheme Update - VEU Sch 34 - Building Based (BB) Lighting Upgrades - Additional Photos Required - 6 Oct 2018 - Northmore Gordon

Wattly is pleased to announce that we’ve now created over 2 million certificates under the VEET scheme. With the help of our partner installation companies, Wattly has ensured that 2 million tons less CO2 will go into the atmosphere over the next 10 years. The bulk of this abatement has come from LED Lighting upgrades to both commercial and residential buildings.

Managing Director, Hamish McGovern said “LED lighting technology reduces energy consumption by over 80% from existing installed lighting. The potential for energy and dollar savings is available to all sectors of the economy and will generate long term reductions in carbon emissions. We’re now seeing widespread adoption of LED lighting in warehouses and factories throughout Victoria and NSW.” He went on to add, “The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET Scheme) has been highly successful in driving very fast adoption of LED lighting, at a low cost, and this would not have happened for decades without an incentive scheme such as VEET. We call on the Federal Government to setup a National Energy Saving Scheme so that all Australians can benefit from LED lighting and have a direct and significant impact on the energy crisis trifecta (of security, affordability and reduced emissions)”.

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