Wattly gives warm welcome to new board advisor Jo Hoatson

Wattly gives warm welcome to new board advisor Jo Hoatson - Northmore Gordon

We are excited to formally introduce Jo Hoatson who has joined Wattly as Board Advisor.

Jo has an impressive history and extensive experience in the energy efficiency industry as the founder of National Carbon Bank of Australia (NCBA). She grew her business to be the largest certificate creator under an accreditation in New South Wales, during the period that Wattly grew to be the largest in Victoria.

NCBA participated in driving significant reduction in emissions over that time period and Jo proved her capabilities by leading NCBA to be the first ever to reach the highest volumetric limit ever awarded by IPART (the Scheme Administrator).

“We’re thrilled to have Jo advising the board, she has already provided valuable insights and direction.  Jo has a wealth of experience in the Energy Saving industry having successfully built the most successful business under the NSW programs and operating as a significant player in Victoria and the National Emissions Reduction Fund. Jo brings another level of depth to the business with experience in carbon farming, complex energy efficiencies and carbon methodologies She also worked through the process of selling that business. She brings lots of strong sales experience, enthusiasm and knowledge to the table.” – Hamish McGovern, Wattly Managing Director.

Prior to selling NCBA, Jo built up a significant portfolio of Measurement & Verifications (M&V) projects in the business.  That component of NCBA was acquired by the Northmore Gordon division of Wattly and this sector is now a significant opportunity and focus for the Group.  Wattly has secured key resources and clients in NSW to become the largest dedicated energy efficiency service provider in Australia for Commercial and Industrial upgrades using the Measurement and Verification method under the energy efficiency government programs.

“I am very pleased to contribute to the company’s growth and  profitability through sales, governance and operational initiatives” – Jo Hoatson.

Jo Hoatson - Wattly Pty Ltd

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