Technical Services

We help you identify, categorise and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

  • Energy & carbon Audit 
  • Energy Blitz
  • Building performance modelling
  • Measurement and monitoring plans
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Detailed feasibility studies
  • Business Cases
Project delivery
  • Detailed design Tender specification and management
  • Owners’ Engineer
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning
Metering and Reporting
  • Energy & carbon data management (monitoring, visualisation, reporting)
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Metering expertise
Corporate Training and Industry Guides

We have also developed several industry guides, delivered training, and help corporates along the broader Sustainability journey

  • Energy Management and Carbon Accounting Training
  • Industry Guides

EEO Assessment

EEO Assessments are required for existing operations and plant expansions where you use (or project to use) > 54TJ annum.

Northmore Gordon:

  • Single point of contact: Industrial energy specialists covering processes and facilities
  • Singapore Certified EEO Assessors x 3
  • Singapore Accredited ESCO
  • Singapore SCEM
  • Certified M&V Professionals x 8
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • >20 Industrial Energy specialists


We have experience in EEO for large industrial companies in Singapore and Australia.

Energy and Carbon certificates

Certificate creation
  • Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs)
  • Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs)
  • Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs)
  • Large-Scale Renewable Energy Certificates (LRECs)
  • Small-scale Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)
Independent measurement and verification services:
  • Measurement & Verification (M&V) for certificates
  • Due diligence for energy and carbon projects
  • NABERs ratings
  • Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEECs)
  • Greenstar ratings

Corporate Energy and Carbon Management

Strategic Energy and Greenhouse Gas Advice

Best practice requires your management team to have a good framework for managing energy and carbon, and a roadmap on how to improve.

  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting
  • Energy and Greenhouse Strategy development
  • Carbon reduction plans and Carbon Offset strategies
  • Energy supply risks and mitigation strategies
  • integrated energy procurement and demand strategy
  • Carbon accounting
  • Carbon footprinting of products and services
  • Sustainability Reporting such as TCFD, GRI and CDP
Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Management Diagnostic: Our industry-leading diagnostic tool will benchmark your current performance, and give you a clear set of actions.
  • ISO50001 certification
Partnership Programs
  • Multi-year energy management contracts
  • Virtual Energy ManagerSuccess-fee based models
Government Grants
  • Policy and grant summaries
  • Grant applications

Strategic Energy Sourcing

These days buying energy services is not just about reducing electricity and gas costs. Contract strategies must meet corporate risk limits, contribute to the organisation’s sustainability goals, and include optimisation of the physical assets of a company with financial instruments.

Strategy and advice
  • Strategy development for electricity, gas and renewable energy sourcing
  • Feasibility studies of on-site solar and bioenergy
  • Identification of wholesale market opportunities
  • Load profile analysis and optimisation e.g. load shifting
  • Identification and monetisation of demand response opportunities
  • Market participation as a supplier of frequency control ancillary services (FCAS)
  • Scenario analysis of the suite of procurement options  
Negotiation and Tendering
  • Negotiation with electricity and gas retailers for contracts that meet price, risk and flexibility requirements
  • Power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • Renewable energy and carbon credit procurement for meeting decarbonisation targets
  • Consolidation of multi-site data for tendering
Market Knowledge
  • Free contract benchmarking
  • Market intelligence and price information
  • Long term trend analysis
Account management
  • Validate bills and over-charges
  • Data management
  • Data visualisation
  • Performance against KPIs
  • Identify consumption anomalie

Energy Procurement

Energy procurement is more than just comparing providers and choosing the lowest rate; it’s about creating a strategy that keeps our clients’ businesses running smoothly while also giving them control over their energy consumption.

Large Electricity & Gas Tenders
  • Benchmark your current Gas & Electricity contract rates against the market to identify savings opportunities
  • Access the most competitive electricity & gas deals at the right time with a structured tender process
  • Careful consideration of your price, risk and flexibility requirements when negotiating with retailers and ensuring what you need is in the contract
  • Assistance in understanding the numerous rates and charges on your energy quotes to make it easier to compare different offers from different retailers and make an informed choice as to what the best deal is
Group Energy Tenders
  • Consolidation of all your sites into a multi-site tender to help find the most cost effective solution for your business
  • Unlock great offers and better rates through a competitive tender process
Network Tariff Review
  • Ensure all your sites are on the optimal network tariff based on your consumption
  • Access significant cost savings opportunities by identification of the right tariff for your sites
  • Assistance in changing  these tariffs at the right time
Solar Feasibility Study
  • Assessment of site for solar PV installation
  • Estimation of cost and performance of solar systems
  • Increased energy efficiency with no reliance on the grid
  • Benefit from greater control of metering and data services through more detailed metering data
  • Better reporting and lower metering costs
  • Access detailed, real time information about how much electricity and the exact amount you use
Monitoring and Support
  • Access ongoing feedback & advice to help you stay on top of your energy consumption
  • Monthly invoice verification and validation to ensure all your energy invoices accurate and correct

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