Reach Global Sustainability Goals

Northmore Gordon sources Environmental Attribute Certificates in more than 50 countries and retires these for Corporations transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Corporate Retirement (RECs & Offsets)

Achieve 100% Renewable Energy Globally

Achieve Net Zero at all sites

High Integrity and Market Transpacency

Retirement proof for annual reports & auditors

What can you achieve?

  • Source 100% renewable energy for all international operations
  • Align to RE100 (100% Renewable Energy)
  • Deliver on Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)
  • Achieve Australian Climate Active accreditation
  • Meet 100% Greenpower in Australia
  • Meet Australian Safeguard Obligations
  • Achieve Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions reduction targets

Northmore Gordon

  • sources RECs and offsets in more than 50 regions
  • has offices in Australian and Singapore
  • has registered over 6 millions EACs over 10 years
  • holds Certificate registry accounts across the major markets
  • registers RECs and Carbon Credits from projects
  • has a global trading network through Singapore office
  • provides flexible volumes for coverage across most countries, as well as small or large operations

Multinationals around the world are using unbundled (decoupled) RECs for Scope 2 and VCUs, VERs, ACCUs, GS, CORCs to mitigate Scope 1 & 3 emissions.  This is the world of Environmental Attribute Certificates (EACs) 

An International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) represents the environmental attribute of 1MWh of renewable electricity and can be purchased to demonstrate renewable energy use at site, reducing the Scope 2 emissions. 

  • RECs are a rapid, flexible and cost effective way achieve to 100% renewable energy at all your global sites using a proven high integrity market-based mechanism. 
  • They supplement onsite renewable generation or existing contracting requirements to meet renewable energy targets.  
  • Choose location and technology specific generation that matches corporate goals and aligns with brand values.  


Carbon Credits (or Offsets) represent 1 tonne of avoided or removed CO2e to reduce Scope 1 or Scope 3 emissions. Like RECs they are traded and retired.

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Climate Active Process

Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard - How To Prepare For Climate Active - Northmore Gordon

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