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An energy audit provides enormous benefits. If you are determined to maximise energy and carbon performance while minimising operational costs, then an energy audit underpins strategy, tactics, and investment decisions.

Energy waste is invisible. The common expression ‘out of sight, out of mind’ means it's all too easy for those operating buildings and industrial facilities to go about business as usual unaware of needless energy wastage and excess carbon emissions.

A formal energy audit will provide an energy breakdown for a whole site, which underpins identification of wastage and savings opportunities, which in turn informs strategic reduction management decisions. The outputs of an audit includes technical description of improvement opportunities, capital cost estimates, projected annual savings, cost-benefit analyses, greenhouse gas savings, tariff analysis, and other benefits.

The depth, quality and value of an audit is only as good as the people conducting the audit. The Northmore Gordon auditing team brings deep technical expertise and industry knowledge.

Our energy experts and engineers are highly experienced in large-scale commercial and industrial operations and can provide the trained eye necessary to deliver an audit that not only upholds standards set out in AS/NZS 3598:2014, but leaves you with a solid list of improvement opportunities.

Implementing energy efficiency measures directly reduces operating costs and lowers emissions. Yet it takes a trained eye and a thorough inspection to identify waste, inefficiency, and opportunities. This makes energy audits a fundamental part of any effective energy management plan.

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