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Our Experience

Accredited Certificate Provider in the NSW Energy Saving Scheme

Accredited Person in the Victorian Energy Upgrades program

Accredited ESCO in Singapore

Unlocked over $100 million in funding for energy and carbon projects

100 projects under management

Has measured and verified savings for over 40,000 installations

We have a large team of Accredited and Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP, AMVP, EEO Assessors) with experience in complex systems in industrial sectors and built environment. We use international standard techniques to calculate energy savings, with statistical analysis showing you the confidence and precision of the results.

Companies doing energy efficiency projects can receive funding to offset the capital costs of their project based on the energy or carbon savings, or the peak demand reduction. 

In Australia energy savings can be measured and converted into Energy Saving Certificates (ESC), or Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). These can be sold under government-sponsored programs to help reduce the cost of your project by 10 – 100%. Some projects in NSW can also create Peak Demand Reduction Certificates (PDRC) based on their impact on the grid. 

In Singapore, carbon savings from energy efficiency projects are measured and a grant from the government can be obtained based on the carbon savings.

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