Steel Improving

The Client

Moly-Cop is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers and suppliers of grinding media to mining operations worldwide.

The Work

Over the last 12 years the Northmore Gordon team has been assisting Molycop’s Waratah site, a large energy intensive manufacturer, to reduce their energy cost and comply with relevant legislation by implementing an Energy Management Program, including a comprehensive portfolio of energy projects.

Our team have worked with operations, technical and engineering staff in all departments, identifying and developing opportunities for efficiency improvement, monitoring plant performance, training and mentoring, and measuring and verifying savings

Implemented projects have included a range of technologies such as:

  • Cooling system control improvement and cooling tower upgrades
  • Fume extraction control improvement
  • Variable Speed Drive installations on large fans and pumps, including high voltage motors
  • Improvement of yield
  • Furnace control improvement
  • Improved options for equipment shut down through control system programming and operational changes
  • Reduced pilot flame gas consumption
  • Baghouse upgrade
  • Furnace heat recovery system improvement
  • Installation of heat recovery on preheating equipment

Northmore Gordon also assisted Moly-Cop to secure substantial government grant funding for various capital projects and to create revenue from Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) under the NSW Government Energy Saving Scheme. The work with Moly-Cop continues with numerous opportunities being investigated and others that will be reconsidered in the future as circumstances change.


Through the Energy Management Program assisted,

  • An evolving portfolio of implemented energy savings projects that have culminated to date to more than $1.5M of direct energy savings per annum
  • Corresponding carbon emissions abatement of 15,000 tonnes pa
  • Over the 12 years of the program the company has saved over $12M in energy costs and energy efficiency certificate revenue.