Meet the Team

Learn about our team and discover why Northmore Gordon is considered as the trusted specialists in Energy Optimisation. Our group comprises of Qualified Project Managers and Certified M&V Professionals who possess extensive knowledge and expertise in this field.

Hamish McGovern's Profile Photo

Hamish McGovern
Managing Director

Craig Morgan's Profile Photo

Craig Morgan
Group Sales Director

Patrick Blain's Profile Photo

Patrick Blain
General Manager

Andrew Dawkins's Profile Photo

Andrew Dawkins
Carbon Advisory Manager

Dr Waven Pyke's Profile Photo

Dr Waven Pyke
M&V and Internal Programs Manager

Phil Woodward's Profile Photo

Phil Woodward
Energy Optimisation Manager

Danielle O’Reilly's Profile Photo

Danielle O’Reilly
Marketing Manager

Andrew Clarke's Profile Photo

Andrew Clarke
Principal Consultant

Alasdair McCullagh's Profile Photo

Alasdair McCullagh
Principal Consultant

Grant Raja's Profile Photo

Grant Raja
Principal Consultant

Madonna Ghajar's Profile Photo

Madonna Ghajar
Certficate Sales Manager

Karthikeyan Balasubramanian's Profile Photo

Karthikeyan Balasubramanian

Siddharth Bansal's Profile Photo

Siddharth Bansal
Account Manager - Environmental Certificates

Nina Wissenden's Profile Photo

Nina Wissenden
Senior Consultant

Huon Seymour's Profile Photo

Huon Seymour
Senior Consultant

Andrew Berryman's Profile Photo

Andrew Berryman
Senior Consultant

Shan Nanayakkara's Profile Photo

Shan Nanayakkara
Senior Consultant

Reuben Forster's Profile Photo

Reuben Forster

Hassam Ayaz's Profile Photo

Hassam Ayaz

Abdul Nizamani's Profile Photo

Abdul Nizamani
M&V Specialist

Warren Tse's Profile Photo

Warren Tse
Energy Consultant

Calvin Flores's Profile Photo

Calvin Flores
Audit & Compliance Lead

Mark Lingad's Profile Photo

Mark Lingad
Audit and Compliance

Michael Medina's Profile Photo

Michael Medina
Audit and compliance

Keith Anne Cinco's Profile Photo

Keith Anne Cinco
Administrative Assistant