Boiler Upgrades

Substantially reduce your energy costs and achieve a much faster payback by upgrading your equipment

What we'll be covering

Why Upgrade?

  • Cut fuel costs with a high-efficiency boiler system
  • Low maintenance, high efficiency
  • Save on maintenance costs and reduce down time
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • It’s time to replace technology that is no longer reliable
  • Right-sizing your boiler to meet the current demand

For large boiler replacements or reductions in capacity, talk to us about maximising your funding with Measurement & Verification. 

Eligible Upgrades

If you have Gas-fired Steam or Hot-Water Boiler you may be eligible for an upgrade.

  • Full boiler replacement
  • Install an Economiser
  • Heat Recovery
  • Replace an old burner
  • Control system upgrades e.g. O2 Trim, blowdown control

What are the rebates worth?

Here is an example of a boiler payback – Talk to us today to calculate your exact costs and savings. To get a more detailed understanding of payback call us to walk you through your options.

Without Government Program and Tax CutWith Government Program and Tax Cut
Boiler Cost = $800,000Boiler Cost = $800,000
Annual Gas Savings = $124,000Annual Gas Savings = $124,000
Energy Certificate Rebate = N/AEnergy Certificate Rebate = $110,000
Tax Depreciation (20yrs) = $12,000 PAImmediate Tax Write off = $240,000
Estimate of payback is 6.5 yearsEstimate of payback is 3.6 years

Examples of how much you could get back

Example UpgradesState + Method$Value **
Upgrade an old 2MW Boiler with new boiler and economiserNSW & VIC Deemed$25,000
7 MW Steam Boiler (> 20 years old) replaced with new 7 MW boiler > 80% efficiency with economiser and sensor blowdown. Estimated savings of 58,000 GJ over 10 yearsNSW Deemed$125,000
Adding an Economiser to a 3 MW steam boilerNSW Deemed$17,300
Upgrading the Burner in a 3 MW boiler (value maxes out at 3 MW)VIC Deemed$11,000
2 x 400 kW Council Pool Water Boilers (1,900 MJ/hr gas)
upgraded to high efficiency boilers. Estimated 4,000 GJ savings per annum.
VIC M&V$55,000
New 2.95 MW Biomass Boiler replacement of old gas boiler, upgrade in a glasshouse with abatement of 2,300 tCO2-e PAVIC M&V~$450,000

** Based on wholesale market certificate prices can vary substantially

Talk to us about how you can further reduce your payback with the latest Tax Cuts.

Applicable Building / Sites
  • Commercial Buildings HVAC
  • Abattoir and Rendering Plants
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Milk & Dairy Production Process
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Textile & Clothing Manufacturing
  • Glasshouses & Food Production
  • Municipal Swimming Pool
Applicable States
  • VIC, NSW (State Scheme)
  • Other States (Federal CFI/CSF)
Key Person
Managing Director

Hamish McGovern

Managing Director

Hamish is driven by innovation and a challenge. With over 5 years in energy efficiency and more than 20 years in IT, he has constantly searched and found new and better ways of doing things.

Contact Hamish
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of grant am I eligible to get with a boiler upgrade?

Depending on where your site is you can access one of the state or federal Energy Efficiency Certificate programs.

How do I access the funding?

Like all government programs there are specific evidence and audit requirements to access the funding. These include, photos, test reports, and sign offs. Talk to Northmore Gordon or your installer before your upgrade to make sure you meet all the requirements.

How long does it take for the incentive to come through?

Using one of the Deemed Methods, the incentive payment will take 1-2 month once the boiler is commissioned. Using an Measurement & Verification approach can give a greater incentive but you can expect payment 15 months after commissioning.

Who can access the boiler rebates and incentives?

All business and industrial customers are able to receive incentives under these schemes. Northmore Gordon can work with your installer to access the funding as part of the installation or we can work with you directly.

How much I will get back?

Contact us to get a free estimate of the upgrade value

Am I eligible for a boiler upgrade?

If you have Gas-fired Steam or Hot-Water Boiler you may be eligible for an upgrade

Northmore Gordon partners with businesses involved in boiler upgrades who wish to access the energy efficiency incentives under the state-based schemes.

Northmore Gordon partners with both energy efficiency installation companies, electricians, equipment suppliers and end businesses performing upgrades.