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Solar power continues to boom across all Australia with more and more businesses and homes receiving rebates for solar installation to combat high energy prices.

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At Northmore Gordon, we aim to make it easier for the customer and our partners to comply with the scheme requirements and be rewarded for their effort – we know what is required and how to get you there. Our team will work closely with you, providing responsive and reliable project management, along with the peace of mind from fraudulent installs.

Talk to us about how unlocking rebates can increase sales, improve ROI and have a significant effect on your bottom line.

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“Residential solar power continues to boom across all Australian States with more and more businesses and homes looking for solar rebates and solar installation to combat high energy prices”

Why choose Northmore Gordon as your partner?

  • Northmore Gordon’s app provides solar panel validation to ensure no risk of ineligible technologies
  • Simplest evidence collection
  • Fast payback options
  • Lock-in prices
  • A single, dedicated compliance officer
  • Industry-leading expertise
  • Personal assistance to minimise paperwork

System Eligibility for Solar PV

Under the Federal Renewable Energy Target for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) eligible small-scale renewable energy systems may be entitled to rebates for panels up to and including 100kW. Solar PV Systems are eligible to both residential and commercial addresses.

Please note, the solar PV panels and inverters must be Clean Energy Council approved at the time of installation.

Exceeding 100 kW?

If your solar system is larger than 100 kW it will be classified as a Power Station and could be eligible for LGCs under the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target alternatively, in Victoria, you can claim under the VEU program, and receive more than double the funding from LGCs (and much much sooner) see more here.

What are the rebates worth?

Here is an example of a solar PV system payback – To get a more detailed understanding of payback call us today to walk you through your options.

Solar PV System

 With Government Program and Tax Cut
Solar PV System (approx.)$9,000 incl. install fee
Average Daily Energy UsageProduction = 22-24 kWh***
Energy Certificate Rebate$2,900 (approx.)
Solar VIC rebate (if applicable)$1,850


Solar PV for Residential Customers

There are three main solar incentives available to Australian residential households.

  1. State Government Schemes e.g. the Victorian Solar Homes Program
  2. Federal Government e.g. the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme
  3. Electricity Retailers, offer feed in tariffs for excess generation

Example of how much you could get back for a 6.6kW system installed

CityApprox. STC Value**

**Based on 6.6kW system, example from

Residential solar panels - Northmore Gordon

The paybacks differ depending on your location, available incentive(s) and power generated. Talk to your installer or make it easy and get them to talk to us. We take the hassle out of unlocking incentives and rebates so you can get on with your day.

Applicable Building / Sites
  • Residential Buildings
  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Sites
Applicable States
  • All States (Renewable Energy Target)
Key Person
Audit & Compliance Lead

Calvin Flores

Audit & Compliance Lead

Calvin is the Lead for the Audit and Compliance Team. He has worked in the BPO industry for nine years, leading a number of teams to success. Calvin holds a degree in AB Philosophy & Human Resources Development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar rebates still available?

Depending on what state you are in will depend on what upgrades and incentives you have access to. Talk to us about what options and programs are best for your next energy eficiency project.

How do you qualify for a solar rebate?

To qualify for a solar incentive your PV system must: – use approved panels and inverters – use a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designer and installer – have a capacity less than 100kW

What types of incentives can I get for Solar PV?

In Australia there are a number of incentives available for Solar PV: – The federal Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme that created tradable STCs – State rebate programs such as Victorian Solar Homes – Feed in Tarifs from your electricity retailer. There may be other local incentives for solar in your area and you may be able to access more than one financial incentive to reduce the cost of your system.

How do I apply for a Victorian Solar Homes rebate?

To apply for the Victorian Solar Homes Rebate you need to register with Solar Vic before you have your system installed, for more information go to

How do I start the process of claiming energy certificates?

In you are a solar installer, talk to Northmore Gordon today about how we can help you access the various financial incentives on offer for solar PV installation.

What is Solar Panel Validation?

Solar Panel Validation (SPV) Initiative is a tool developed by the Clean Energy Regulator to give consumers a way to validate PV panels and confirm they: – have manufacturer warranties – meet Australian Standards for quality and performance – are eligible for STCs By participating in the SPV initiative we are able to offer faster turnaround times and better pricing for your STCs.

Northmore Gordon partners with businesses involved in solar upgrades who wish to access the energy efficiency incentives under the state-based schemes.

Northmore Gordon partners with both energy efficiency installation companies, electricians, equipment suppliers and end businesses performing upgrades.